Rules of Interview Etiquette


1. Practice

Be prepared with the right answers and also be familiar with the different types of interview questions. Practice looking in the mirror and answering the questions out loud.

2. Research

Go through the company website so that you can be familiar with what the company is and how it functions. Understand it's goals so you can have more clarity.

3. Body language is key

Your posture and stance is important. Practice this as it can play a very big role in giving the interviewer some knowledge of what kind of a person you are. For example, sitting with your arms and legs crossed sends a message that you are closed-off or feel defensive. If you keep your hands in your lap the entire interview, you could signal that you lack self-confidence. And, twirling your hair can make you look nervous or juvenile. Be confident and bold.

4. Dress Well

Make sure you wear the right kind of clothes. In most companies and organisations, first impressions are very important so take the time to prepare for this as well. A dark suit (jacket and pants or skirt) and a crisp white shirt, manicured nails, simple make-up, and clean, professional shoes will be perfect in most cases.

5. Smile

Smiling naturally (without pursing your lips tightly together) will make you appear confident, friendly, and approachable. Even if you’re not feeling it, fake it. A smile conveys that you’re someone who can get along with fellow employees, wow the boss, and impress the clients.

6. Ask Questions

Go into an interview with a few questions. Prepare these questions in advance as it will help. Asking questions shows a keen interest and gives you a better chance to land the job.

7. Send a Thank You Email

Once the interview is done don't forget to send in a thank you email within 24 hours. This will show that you are very interested in the job and improve or better your chances of being hired.