How to Land Your Dream Job

How to Land Your Dream Job

Perseverance is the key to finding your dream job.

When you're looking out for your dream job, you need to be aware and know what suits you. Is it a creative and productive environment? A specific job function, culture or salary? These aspects are subjective which is why knowing what you want comes in handy. Have a detailed idea of the job so you can start looking. After all, this is your dream job!

Step 1- Work on Your Resume

Build your resume on the job you want and are looking for. Be specific and stick to the point.

Step 2- Create A Cover Letter

A cover letter is important. Create and tailor one according to the business you want to apply to. Explain your skills and experience and include facts.

Step 3- Have A Social Media Footprint

In these times especially, an online presence is a must. Use your full name and create a professional website which contains all things necessary like your portfolio, resume and any relevant materials to your field. Include a professional photo of yourself, contact page and a biography page.

Step 4- Focus On Your Interest

When looking for a job or career, look out for the ones that interest you. Don't apply for jobs that don't excite you or meet your requirements as that will eventually cause you to burn out quickly! You have a greater chance of landing a job if you apply to one that you are truly passionate about as you will put in more effort.


Step 5- Build A Network

A network is very essential. JoIn as many groups as you can that are specific to the industry and be active within local leadership groups.

Step 6- Always Follow Up

It is one of the main things to do. You have more of a chance acquiring your dream job if you continue to maintain a high level of interest.