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How to Land Your Dream Job

How to Land Your Dream Job

Perseverance is the key to finding your dream job.

When you're looking out for your dream job, you need to be aware and know what suits you. Is it a creative and productive environment? A specific job function, culture or salary? These aspects are subjective which is why knowing what you want comes in handy. Have a detailed idea of the job so you can start looking. After all, this is your dream job!

Step 1- Work on Your Resume

Build your resume on the job you want and are looking for. Be specific and stick to the point.

Step 2- Create A Cover Letter

A cover letter is important. Create and tailor one according to the business you want to apply to. Explain your skills and experience and include facts.

Step 3- Have A Social Media Footprint

In these times especially, an online presence is a must. Use your full name and create a professional website which contains all things necessary like your portfolio, resume and any relevant materials to your field. Include a professional photo of yourself, contact page and a biography page.

Step 4- Focus On Your Interest

When looking for a job or career, look out for the ones that interest you. Don't apply for jobs that don't excite you or meet your requirements as that will eventually cause you to burn out quickly! You have a greater chance of landing a job if you apply to one that you are truly passionate about as you will put in more effort.


Step 5- Build A Network

A network is very essential. JoIn as many groups as you can that are specific to the industry and be active within local leadership groups.

Step 6- Always Follow Up

It is one of the main things to do. You have more of a chance acquiring your dream job if you continue to maintain a high level of interest.

How to Face Your Job Interview

An interview with a potential employer, whether it is an entry level role or a senior postion is something that takes place in most companies and organisations. A job interview gives you an opportunity to show your skills and qualifications and make a good impression on the hiring team. It is very important to perform well and give it your best. Here are few tips on how you can ace your job interview.

How to ace your job interview?

  • Research: Learn as much as you can about the company and the position.
  • Planning: Carefully consider what to wear and how to present yourself professionally.
  • Practice: Reflect on the most effective ways to discuss common interview subjects.

Ways to Face a job interview

Here are seven things to keep in mind as you prepare for a successful job interview:

1. Do Company Research

Do your reseach about the company and it's mission, goals and achievements before your interview. This allows you to be one step ahead and contributes to you having a great interview. Going through a company's website to learn about its history, values and culture, executive officers also helps!


2. Prepare

Remember, practice makes perfect. in order to perfect anything you have to practice and the same thing applies here as well. Make it a point to set aside some time everyday to perfect your english language speaking skills.

3. Understand the Job

In order to be more prepared for the job and it's responsibilties and explain to the recuiters why you are the right fit, it is important to learn and study various job listings. Keep an eye out and understand what the job is and see how your qualification and skills align with the description. Pay attention to keywords such as skills and experience and focus on the responsibilities. By doing so. Thsi will help with discussing relenvant topics and examples with the hiring team and will enable you to ace the interview.

4. Think about your questions in advance

Show interest in the job and position by asking question to the interviewers. Keep them short, precise and to the point. Try preparing these questions before hand. Ask questions that will help you know what is necessary and will make you understand the corperate culture, organisational goals for professional development and growth.

5. Dress Well

The best way you can make an impression on the hiring team is by dressing well. Take some time to think about what you would wear to the interview. A business casual outfit—such as dress pants with a professional shirt—or a business formal suit will work best for interview attire. Look online on the company website to see if there is any sort of dress code that has to be followed or just understand what the sense of style is at the particular workplace.

6. Following up

Another way you can increase your chances of getting the job is by following up after the interview is over. Continue to maintain a keen interest as this will help you land the job. After the inteview ends, send in a thank you email an day after the interview and in the email ,reiterate your interest in the position, and express your gratitude for the opportunity.


Common job interview questions

To prepare for your interview, consider your answers for some common questions in advance. Below are five questions you are likely to receive in a job interview.

  • Can you tell me about yourself?
  • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why do you want this position?
  • Why are you leaving your job?
  • Why should the company hire you?

Ways to Land Your New Job Quick!


Are you sick and tired of searching for a job?

It is tough work and requires skills and strategies that may be new to you!

When you continue to do the same things over and over and get the same results, that ought to be your first clue to step away and stop the insanity.

1. Contacts are Important

Remember that many jobs and opportunities come through word of mouth. That is why it is importnat to build your network. If this is done, finding the job that's meant for you would be much easier.

2. Follow Up with the Network and Job

When a opportunity presents itself always do you bit of following up with that person from the network. When the interview is done, follow up with the HR to see where they are in the process and see what you have to do and be awre of to increase your chance!

3. Get On LinkedIn

Set up a nice profile on linkedIn and make sure that you are active on it. Take advantage of this and do what you have to do to get what you want. Keep uploading and updating your network through stories and statuses. This is one big way to get the job that you want, a job that suits you!

4. Job Boards Are Only One Part of Your Job Search

Instead of spending most of your time and energy obsessing over jobs posted on job boards, try targeting companies who have previously posted jobs or companies you know you would like to work for and begin talking to employees inside those companies.

According to CareerXroads, fewer than 20 percent of jobs are filled through job ads.

Do you know where the majority of external hires come from? Employee referrals. This is why you need to meet people who work inside companies!

Rules of Interview Etiquette


1. Practice

Be prepared with the right answers and also be familiar with the different types of interview questions. Practice looking in the mirror and answering the questions out loud.

2. Research

Go through the company website so that you can be familiar with what the company is and how it functions. Understand it's goals so you can have more clarity.

3. Body language is key

Your posture and stance is important. Practice this as it can play a very big role in giving the interviewer some knowledge of what kind of a person you are. For example, sitting with your arms and legs crossed sends a message that you are closed-off or feel defensive. If you keep your hands in your lap the entire interview, you could signal that you lack self-confidence. And, twirling your hair can make you look nervous or juvenile. Be confident and bold.

4. Dress Well

Make sure you wear the right kind of clothes. In most companies and organisations, first impressions are very important so take the time to prepare for this as well. A dark suit (jacket and pants or skirt) and a crisp white shirt, manicured nails, simple make-up, and clean, professional shoes will be perfect in most cases.

5. Smile

Smiling naturally (without pursing your lips tightly together) will make you appear confident, friendly, and approachable. Even if you’re not feeling it, fake it. A smile conveys that you’re someone who can get along with fellow employees, wow the boss, and impress the clients.

6. Ask Questions

Go into an interview with a few questions. Prepare these questions in advance as it will help. Asking questions shows a keen interest and gives you a better chance to land the job.

7. Send a Thank You Email

Once the interview is done don't forget to send in a thank you email within 24 hours. This will show that you are very interested in the job and improve or better your chances of being hired.

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